About Megahurtz entertainment Company


Founded in 2010 by Jeff Manley, Rodney Moore, Muata Langley and Jerome Harris, MegaHurtz Entertainment has grown to become more than just a dance based company but an entertainment company underneath  the artistic direction of Jeff Manley. In 2017, another addition was added to the MegaHurtz Entertainment family. MegaBytez Dance Company, the kids company ages 8 to 18 was created with Carissa Kee-Conyers as Co-Director. MHz has grown in the numbers of talent and members all throughout the states of Connecticut. Each member shares a high value of love and passion for dance. Each member has their own goal for the company, but we all share the same one; to entertain the crowd every time we hit the stage.  
Photography by Yasin Muhammad.


We take the "Entertainment" at the end of MegaHurtz to heart. We push ourselves to be different and raw by creating clever themes and choreography for our audience. Driven by movement, music, passion and love.

We are here to entertain!